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1. Update your thread regularly to keep readers interested. (International Management may take longer due to Holidaying)

2. Do not make a thread with the same team which a active board member may be using as this can sometimes result in arguments. (An exception would be challenges set on FM-Base)

3. Try to make your team a challenge instead of looking for instant success with teams such as Barca, Man United, Madrid and Inter Milan.

4. It would be recommend to at least play 10 League games before starting thread because not everyone goes past pre-season.

5. Try to complete at least one season of your thread.

6. Tell readers when you have finished your thread.

7. Do not use FMTRE or any other method of cheating. (Downloading tactics from forum does not count as cheating)

8. Try to start with a team in a different league (not necessarily Lower Leagues), this will get your thread more fans or viewers.

9. Post screenshots of your team, successes or players. Do this by alt + F9. This thread may help

10. Add your own opinion on results and features such as your own player of the month, also add anything interesting that happens in your game to keep readers interested.

11. Try to interact with the people reading, give them reasons behind new signings etc and ask them their opinion on your progress.

12. Do not update your thread to often, make sure your thread doesn't get too many update posts. Try and include screenshots of League Table, Player Stats, Current Squad, Confidence and any outstanding players stats in your update posts.

13. Try to post your results in monthly reviews instead of just posting every result in one post.

14. Try not to do full reports on every match, not because we don't like it but because it is very tedious for the author once you do it a lot.

15. Add pictures to your thread at your own will but sometimes they are too big and tend to clutter threads.

16. Although good luck posts and well done posts are very nice, for readers, only try and post if you have something helpful to say to the author, it would be better to thank the author on his post instead of cluttering the thread with 'well done' and 'good luck' posts. This makes it easier for forum members and guests to trawl through the thread.

Feel free to post any more advice that I can add to list thanks.


Afternoon to you story tellers out there,

After reading a thread constructed by Sean, many of you out there agree that the 'Stories' section of this site is nothing but boring challenges. In this thread, the many people that agreed with Sean's statements did not provide help for the many story tellers out there on FM-base. So, i've constructed a thread with many tips, hints and links to help you get the best out of your story and to keep people interested.

Fake Articles

An example used by Sean to encourage members to use the various editing sites and to create a more realistic story for us readers. As mentioned, this can be used at many times of your career, and is very easy to construct and add to your thread.

Links to fake article sites:
(The site used in my example, very easy to use)
(Another good sight, but with less freedom of story choice)
(A good site for a selection of teams that you make new signings with, check it out)

Highlights/Goals of each match" target="_blank">

An idea first used by Redders, it is time consuming but is VERY helpful to keep people interested in your story. It takes a few steps to do, but creates a much better storyline.

First step - Go into your match, click match controls, save highlight.

Second step - Name your video, and save in the already chosen document and press 'save'.

Third step - Minimize your game, and open my documents.

Fourth step - Search the name of your video and wait.

Fifth step - Find your video in the results, to make sure you have saved it.

Sixth step - Create a youtube account, or sign in to your current one.

Seventh step - Go into 'My Vidoes'.

Eighth step - Click 'Upload video'.

Ninth step - Find your file in my documents. If you are struggling to find it, it should be in here:

Documents>SportsInteractive>FootballManager2010>ma tches

Tenth step - Confirm the video you want to upload, and continue.

Eleventh step - Keep following the route until you have finally uploaded your video.

Twelth step - Your video should now be on youtube, now you can just post the link onto your thread, and BAM. Your match highlights.

-If you are unable to view your video due to the video output or something along the lines of that, you will need to change the video file type. Use this website to do this..
Download this, and find your file then select the right file save type.

Hope this helped, there may be flaws in my instructions, if so, point them out. I've never tried this before, but i think this should work.

10 ways to keep people reading your story:
Add a link in your signature about your thread.
Sign big name playersm such as Beckham signing for a Championship side.
Add details about other things happening in your save, such as managers being sacked and high fee transfers.
Update with each MONTH in the game, not per game or per sequence of games.
When in the transfer market, only update with a high fee transfer.
Add details about the match, giving the reader a good idea of what happened.
Make the thread look tidy, it will encourage people to stay, just like a house.
Add pictures, since the age of 5, we've all loved them.
Interact with your readers, ask them for occasional advice, but do not overload them with qeustions or let them run the story.
Secretly advertise your story, as mentioned above, adding a link in your signature is sneaky, but if your on another story and they talk about a transfer which you also recently made, then mention about your story, but don't spam or advertise blaintently.
Create your own kit

This gives a really neat look to the thread, creating your own kit is something that makes your story unique to all the others. I would recommend trying it out

Here is the link for the templates of kits:

You will need to download a photoshop editor to make your kits look better
Also.. Another thead about the fake articles..

Other things to try in your story:
Doing what we call "A joint story" with another member, it gains more interest.
Have a catchy name of the thread, but nothing stupid or off-topic.
If you have close friends on the site, ask them to take a look and comment, it will gain more attention and won't count as spam if your asking them.
If your thread is not gaining enough attention, try to be more impulsive.
Make sure your introduction is formal and good, nothing shabby.
If you get fired, let us know, we won't be hanging onto your story for a long time. If you cannot update for whatever reason, also let us know.
Share your tactics and player stats with the readers, get them involved.
Thats about all from me, please comment back with your views on the above topics, and anythings you like to put in your stories. Feel free to comment about any of the fake articles or videos, as i'm sure many of you are interested.
Taken from FM-Base, credit to Jack Fulham, Kylo & co. It is 2 threads merged together. The ##### marks the start of a new thread (topic).

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