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Eds-99s Database Compilation

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1Eds-99s Database Compilation Empty Eds-99s Database Compilation on Sat Jul 31, 2010 11:47 pm


Sunday League
Sunday League
Here is a compilation of some of my favourite Databases around, for Football Manager 2010, and a brief description of each.

St. George FC
A created team, chairmained by former FA Chairmen himself, Lord David Triesman, the club is known as "The English Youth Academy". You start with a squad of players all Under 23 and English. You can only buy players that fit this category. ?9bfz5k8tqu264x9

The usual England, but goes down right to Level 10. This Database is very likely to have your local team, and can add a huge amount to your FM Experience. ?atdf2frhh5b277m#1

A new league, based in Togo, with the best players from the top leagues in the world put into seperate clubs. Eto'o, De Rossi and Chillieni will be playing for Serie A Allstars, Gerrard, Rooney and Terry for the Premier League Allstars and Aguero, Casillas and Messi for the La Liga Allstars. Obviously with a few teammates. Razz ?7qfpz2fw9ysqhvi

2010/11 Database Update
Designed by StuW, all the transfers that've occured this summer have been added to the 10.3 patch, to bring an up-to-date and realistic game. ?5w1avedbz06ws1v

2Eds-99s Database Compilation Empty Re: Eds-99s Database Compilation on Sun Aug 01, 2010 10:19 pm


Non-League Star
Non-League Star
yup defentyly agree with the stu update hes amazing at them

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