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Locker Room's Databases (Exclusive to Locker Room)

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If you have a newly-made database or you want to make a new database, which hasn't been shared or uploaded yet and you would like to help Locker Room get more members and interest, then please make it exclusive to Locker Room and post it in here. It would be greatly appreciated and you may get a stripe of two Very Happy. So please share it, although if you don't want to, you don't have to!
For a thread like this, you still need rules for posting. Please follow these rules when you upload or you will be infracted/banned.
1. The database must be made by you, and no one else! This includes the graphics and research. However, if the other person doesn't mind you uploading it here, and he promises not to share it (to keep it exclusive), then you may post it with a mention to the other person.
2. The database must not exist already.
3. Do not write needless comments, when we don't need them. This will count as spam.
4. The database must have changes in it (obviously!).
5. The database must not include other peoples' name in it if they do not want it to be included. E.g. Tony Proctor or Paul Wang. You can make up names however, although there is a huge chance they exist in the World. But as long as you don't actually know them then it is fine.
6. The database cannot be insulting, or including insulting/rude things. E.g. A club called 'Notts Co. are stupid' or something along those lines.
7. You must understand the Mods and Admin reserve the right to remove your database from Locker Room or edit it. Staff will edit/remove inappropriate databases or ones that don't follow all the rules. Make sure your's does.
8. When uploading it please use the template (at the bottom of this post) and always upload it in a new post.

Paul Wang
World Super League Database
Template for Upload
Database name:
Amount of database changes (check this on the 'Change Editor Data Files' screen in FM when you start a new game):
Database description:
Other Comments:
Preview Screenshot (recommend uploading it to
Link to database:

Please keep to this template, it would be greatly appreciated!

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I'll get the ball rolling with my brand new database, just made it! Took me an hour or two but not too much work. Making it was actually quite fun. Anyway...
Database name: World Super League
Amount of database changes (check this on the 'Change Editor Data Files' screen in FM when you start a new game): 4730
Database description: A World Super League forms in South Africa, with all the teams (the current teams) given £900,000,000 balance and around £150,000,000 spending money! All team's reputation set to 10,000 (max.) and all history cleared. The teams are basically as even as can be, except for the stadiums and current players. However, the reputations have gone down on my save, don't know why. Still, the teams are very equal. The media prediction is all down to alphabetical order Razz. Also, the only competition left in the World is the Super League Very Happy.
Other Comments: Please try it out for me and rate it out of 10!
Preview Screenshot (recommend uploading it to
Link to database: ?dk9yfsyk6zkcv3n

The Shots

I have a databse, How do I upload?


The Shots wrote:I have a databse, How do I upload?
Upload to and then copy the link here.

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