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RYAN21's Free Agents DB Challenge

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1RYAN21's Free Agents DB Challenge Empty RYAN21's Free Agents DB Challenge on Sun Aug 01, 2010 9:23 pm


Non-League Star
Non-League Star
he Brief: Most Players have been released on FM10 and now you have the opportunity to start from a clean slate with an English club of your choice and let your transfer market imagination run wild with the only thing holding you back is the size of your wage budget!

The Main Scenarios
1.'..You can't win anything with kids..'
2.'..Experience counts..'
3.'..One Team, One Nation..'
4.'..It's as easy as ABC..'

The Details:
'..You can't win anything with kids..' - The only players that you are allowed to sign have to be age 21 or under when you sign them
'..Experience counts..' - The only players that you are allowed to sign have to be over the age of 28 when you sign them
'..One Team, One Nation..' The only players that you are allowed to sign have to be of the same nation (second nations included).

If you really wanted to test yourself then you could chose two of the scenarios e.g. You could choose to sign Spanish players under the age of 21. If you do this then you add the points that you would get for each challenge and add them together. If you so wish you choose 3 challenges which is really narrowing down the number of players!

The Rules
Pretty simple tbh. Don't spam the thread, don't flame and all of the Forum rules apply. When it comes to providing proofs for points please show screenshots of reasonable detail. Use the thread for challenge discussion

The Points:
League Game Win - +3
League Game Draw - +1
League Game Loss - 0
FA Cup 1st Round Win - +2
FA Cup 2nd Round Win - +4
FA Cup 3rd Round Win - +8
FA Cup 4th Round Win - +16
FA Cup 5th Round Win - +32
FA Cup 6th Round Win - +64
FA Cup Semi Final Win - +128
FA Cup Runner-Up - +200
FA Cup Winner - +400

League Cup 1st Round Win - +8
League Cup 2nd Round Win - +16
League Cup 3rd Round Win - +32
League Cup 4th Round Win - +64
League Cup Quarter Final Win - +128
League Cup Semi-Final Win - +170
League Cup Runner-Up - +220
League Cup Winner - +440

Community Shield- +50
League Win - +500
Europa League Semi Final Win +50
Europa League Winner +200
Champions League Group Winner +30
Champions League Quarter Final Win +60
Champions League Semi Final Win +100
Champions League Winner +400

Here's the DB

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